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Our mission is to provide you with a ride of a lifetime. To experience a ride of a lifetime, we believe the rest of your day has to be just as magical! We focus on finding the most iconic rides, eateries and lodging; taking you there, then treating you like kings and queens.

This is the foundation of Veloscapes. To be considered for any Veloscapes itinerary, a route must include quiet roads and outstanding scenery. We “cherry-pick” many of our rides, often dropping riders off at the safest and most scenic portions of the route.

Founder J.R. Thompson has both a professional bicycle racing and bicycle industry background. J.R. pursued a passionate twelve-year racing career which included co-anchoring the 1994 Fort Lewis College National Championship mtb team and numerous professional bike race wins. With over twenty-five years of bike shop experience, J.R. has polished his industry knowledge. This cycling passion and industry expertise is apparent in every Veloscapes experience.

From the time you wake up until the time you go to bed, we focus on customer service that is friendly, flexible, detailed and determined to amaze you. Whether it’s tracking down fresh baked goods and coffee in the morning, making that super fresh lunch during the ride, or working late giving your bicycle a little extra attention—we strive to get it right.

Safe, clean and finely-tuned bicycles are key to each day’s ride. Every Veloscapes trip comes with a professional level mechanic, and your bicycle is well looked after. A repair stand, bicycle tools, small parts, chain lube and cleaning supplies are provided.

We seek out artisan cafes, the freshest markets and authentic local cuisine. We recognize everyone has their favorite culinary tastes and work individually with our clients to ensure the best possible food is available.

A local cafĂ© with fresh baked goods and quality coffee is a true delight. This is typically one of the first points of interest on any Veloscapes outing. Don’t worry … we encourage caffeine levels far above the UCI limits!

We specialize in custom cycling experiences.

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